Indie Gaming Is Going On Strong…and I’m Happy!

Indie Gaming Is Going On Strong…and I’m Happy!

Posted by Javid Shamloo | Posted on August 17th, 2015 at 11:48 am

The indie gaming community is awesome!  I love it with all my heart!  I’m so thankful and humbled that I could be a part of it and contribute my small portion of creativity to it.  When doing market research for my company to see the state of the gaming world, I was extremely happy and impressed by what you indie game developers are doing, so this blog post will be all about you awesome people and how we can all hopefully work together to take down all the crappy AAA games that get way too much attention and rob people of their hard earned money.

First off, let me say that we in the indie gaming community are a very smart and resourceful bunch!  We understand that we don’t have Rockstar money to make behemoths like GTA 5 with its massive asset list, or Call of Duty or Battlefield’s massive cut scenes, but guess what…we don’t need it!  Hahaha, jokes on you!  We can make do with little to no money and create some of the best games people have seen since the generation of Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis. 

One of the first things to be noticed in the indie gaming community is how creatively different all our games are.  There are so many new game design ideas being implemented that it gets hard to keep up!  I’m extremely happy to see this because it means many great things.  For one, we don’t need to be in competition with each other.  Since we’re all doing different things there is more than enough of the pie to go around, because people won’t be playing a rehash or copy of another game.  They get a completely new experience every time, so they have to buy everything!  Another great thing is that since there are so many great game ideas being implemented to perfection, any new indie studio knows that they have to be on the top of their game and do something new and exciting; with lots of polish the best way they know how.  They must do this because EVERYONE else is doing this, in their own way.  So therefore in order to not be left back in the dust they must step their game up, which brings the quality of games as a whole up and raises the bar for the next batch of games to be made.  This kind of revolution hasn’t been seen in at least 10-15 years in my opinion, and I’m extremely happy to see that indie developers can potentially make a lot of money from releasing truly great products!

Another thing to notice about the indie gaming community is the sheer freedom of expression that everyone gets.  You are allowed, for the very first time in a long time, to make whatever type of game you want, without fear of being rejected from releasing it by big publishers or retailers like Best Buy because, as we were told before, “that weird and goofy shit will never sell!”  Now we have an outlet to express ourselves and release whatever games we want thanks to digital distribution methods like Steam and all the App Stores.  Lemme tell you something right now, the Internet is one of the best things that man has ever invented.  If you disagree then you’re an idiot who’s using it wrong…it’s one of the best inventions ever, next to important things like electricity and toilet paper of course.  And the indie gaming community is using the Internet in new and previously unimaginable ways to market, get feedback for, and release their games without all the previously painful hassle.

The last thing that I’ll mention about the indie gaming community is the amazing amount of support that we are now receiving.  Before, it was unheard of to get your indie game featured in a famous magazine or on a big gaming website but nowadays things like that happen on a daily basis.  The gaming press is paying close attention to us now, because they see that we can generate a lot of revenue and attract a lot of fans our way, so that makes for a great story that attracts a lot of attention to the magazines and websites that now write about us.  This in turn helps us increase our presence and gets more people to buy our games and make us more money, which we then use (besides cars and mansions) to fund our next games so the press can then write about that and so on, etc.  This amazing symbiotic relationship was unseen only a few years before but has now become an everyday and amazing thing to behold!

All in all, it’s a wonderful time to be an indie developer!

So what effect has all this had on the gaming community in general?  Oh my God the list is endless, but I’ll stick to the few main, big points.  For one, gamers now have more choices than ever before.  Back in the not-so-distant past gamers were complaining that everything was just a rehash of some famous game that had already garnered all the attention and most of the market.  When GTA 3 came out it was revolutionary, so everyone ran to copy the sandbox game method.  When Half-Life one and then 2 came out everyone rushed to make a game with a story and aliens (Halo, I’m looking at you).  When Call of Duty came out and proved a massive success everyone sped on to capture some of its glory, including the Call of Duty developers themselves!  Before you could say holy sh-there were a million brown army man shooters, most sucking ass and some of them unplayable.  Gamers were sick of getting the same game year after year.  Activision in particular ran their Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero franchises into the ground by delivering the same shit year after year…until the brands devolved into crap on a disc.  You could literally smell Robert Kotick’s shit when you stuck the game into your console and turned it on, only to see that, once again, just like last year, you had been fooled into buying the same crap you played a year before, only this time a little more expensive and A LOT worse.  This all took its toll on the poor gamers who had very little say in the matter.  They expressed themselves on the web in forums and social media, but what else were they to do?  They didn’t make games; they just played them and loved them.  These people deserved better, and the first of us in the indie community recognized this pain point and gave them what they longed for.

Now, instead of buying a $60 piece-of-shit rehash, you could buy a $10-$20 revolutionary game that would provide you hundreds of times more fun and enjoyment and touch your heart at the same time.  Not only that, there is now so many of them for you to play and they’re all different!  Holy shit how we have evolved! 

Again, I’m immensely happy and proud to be a part of this now established scene and I promise with all my heart to do my very best to continue this evolution AND revolution with the games and products that me and my company make.

Till next time my friends, take care and stay safe!

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